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Thirsty DogPets Need Water, especially when they’re away from home running, walking or playing in the sun. Water Rover™ Makes it Easy for responsible pet owners to take water with them wherever they go.  With its durable, lightweight water bowl and attached bottle, Water Rover™ is:

  • Hands-Free – Clips to belt or waist band
  • Leak-Free – Even when held upside down
  • Waste-Free – Extra water tips back into the bottle
  • Hassle-Free – Wide mouth bottle is easy to fill with water and ice

Dog DrinkingWater Rover™ is Simple to Use. When your pet is thirsty, just unplug the bottle, lay the Water Rover™ flat on the ground, and the water will automatically flow into the round bowl. When your pet is through drinking, tip the extra water back into the bottle, replace the plug, and clip the Water Rover™ back onto your belt or waistband.

WR belt clipGreat for Pet Outings, Perfect for Pet Travel. Pet owners often underestimate how much water their pets need – don’t let them dehydrate! Take Water Rover™ along whenever you and your pet leave home – walks, jogs, picnics, trips to the beach, road trips, vacations, etc. – to ensure your pet always has fresh water available.

26 thoughts on “Welcome to Water Rover

  1. Heloise c. Poye June 14, 2016 — 8:58 am

    how can I buy this?

    1. Right from our website! go to shop and buy away!

  2. Kathleen Hastings June 26, 2016 — 7:42 am

    Have had ours for a few years now and love it.

  3. This is the best portable water container for pets that I’ve ever found. The Water Rover is such a clever invention in so many ways. The ability to return the unused water is a big plus. No more having to waste my bottled water, or find a place to dump it.

    I had one for my Chihuahua for years & was so upset when I lost it. I finally found another small size a few months ago, but had to order one that was manufactured overseas, even though I had received previous messages from you announcing US production.

    It’s good to hear that you’re finally up & running in the USA. I have actually shown my Water Rover to several pet supply stores. They’re always quite impressed & admit they don’t carry anything like it. I’ve suggested they look online. Do you have a wholesale link for retail stores?

    Good luck to you! Thanks for keeping in touch.

  4. Best dog accessory we have ever bought for our 3 small dogs!

  5. Best pet idea since the dog! Seriously, this is a lifesaver. Our little rescue, a Brussels Griffon gets hot quick and Water Rover is a lifesaver. Thank you for this great “pet accessory”. I have on a few occasions, let other “dog friends” take a drink.

  6. I have an on line pet shop in the UK. Is it possible to purchase these wholesale. ? I would be very interested ????

    1. Hi Marie,

      Yes! You can purchase these wholesale. Please fill out our wholesale application online. Once approved, you can can then order at wholesale pricing. The only restrictions we have to online sales is that you do not sell on Ebay or Amazon. As long as you are selling on your own website, that is fine with us.


      Scott Greenberg
      G4 Ventures, Inc.

      iPhone: 949.910.2404
      Toll Free: 866.229.3447 ext 1
      Fax: 208.694.8862

  7. I have two medium Water Rovers that I LOVE for our Service Dogs! Always have water available for them. We put an insulated Cuzie on them and a sock over it to keep water cool in the Florida heat! Love this product!

  8. I have a 5 yr old one. Any plans to make a bigger one?

    1. We had one for horses at one time. We’re considering bringing it back. We will let you know if we do!

  9. How can I buy?

    1. Right from our website! go to shop and buy away!

  10. We would like one

  11. My NEW water bottle keeps popping the lid off & the water spills out.
    Is it because it’s new. Or is it defective

    1. Hi Debra,

      When and where did you buy it? Please make sure you press the center of the tab to make sure the stopper “clicks” into the hole and is secure. It should work correctly from the start. There is no break-in period.

  12. Where do i find?

  13. Anthony Ercolani February 8, 2018 — 2:13 pm

    I LOVE this product and have been using mine for way over a year now!!! Have been looking for it thru my (T-shirt) vendor to no avail. Can’t believe the website has been right in front of me all along in the bowl.

    I work and volunteer for Palm Springs Animal Shelter and wanted to possibly use it as a fundraising/sales product or a possible giveaway… I’ve definitey never found anything as good as this and can’t even remember where I got mine…

    Thanks for any info,

  14. I would like to purchase one, but I do not see sizes and prices on your web site. I’m looking for the size that is good for a labrador.

    1. Click on Shop and you will see all the sizes and prices. If you’re on a mobile phone, click on the 3 lines ( hamburger menu) and you’ll see shop there. We recommend the Eveb Bigger for Labrador’s. It’s a 5 1/2 bowl with a 26oz bottle and is $21.99.

  15. Gregory Lewanski October 10, 2018 — 4:53 pm

    I was at a Calico Ghost town a number of years ago when I first discovered these, and they’ve been VERY handy ever since! I always take it when I go on a trip with my pup, whether a quick day trip, or a longer vacation. It’s vwry useful and convenient!

  16. Also service dog user and competion sports dog enthuist who has used your product for many years, having gone through many formerly popular product line models of travel water bottles. Yours is the best by far. I have promoted its use to other competitors, working service dog and responder teams and proprietors of business, veterinary and non-profits.

    I agree It would make a wonderful fund raiser or sponsored shelter or rescue promotion. Water Rover should be in every companion animals gear and breeders puppy package. It, to me is a required item, for my Service Dog. Competitions are sometimes, several day events and far from home. I would never leave home without our Water Rovers.

    I do have to mention, some of our older ones do have ‘seal’ issues. But, otherwise, still better than, what the market holds. Sincere appreciation.


  17. One of the handiest things you can get for your fur baby

  18. Great product !!

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