The Water Rover makes it EASY to meet your dog's needs. I love it!

—Victoria Rose, Better Best Friends Newsletter

I bought a Water Rover over the Holidays and can't say enough about it! I just LOVE the convenience and ease of use. I carry it in the car at all times so there's no need to lug around bottles of water to pour and spill and waste. This is one item that has made taking my dog everywhere easier!

—N. Fontaine, Tempe, Arizona

Our dog CoCo loves her WaterRover so much that before we leave for a walk she actually stops where we store it, to remind us to bring it! Thanks for making CoCo one happy dog!

—B. Gross, Irvine, California

Last year I bought a different dog watering bottle, but my Sadie wouldn't drink from the long, thin trough. Now Sadie has a Water Rover and she loves it!

—R. Fentzke, Orchard Park, New York

I keep my Water Rover in the freezer, half full of ice. When we get ready to go somewhere I fill it up with water and my dog has cold water when she wants it.

—S. Lynne, Seymour, Tennessee

This is simply the BEST way to provide water to your dog or cat while traveling. No spills, and it slides right into the water bottle pocket of my tote bag.

—L. King, Fleetville, Pennsylvania

2 thoughts on “Reviews

  1. I just ordered our second Water Rover. We bought our first one years ago and just plain wore it out. I could barely make out the website on the label. Luckily I was able to make it out just enough to find it online. I can’t wait to order a new one. We take our dog Bacon everywhere we go and the Water Rover is so handy and easy to use. Bacon loves it. We’ve seen other products that are similar but when we put it close to our dog, he turned his head away in rejection. We didn’t want to waste our money so we will stick with the Water Rover. It goes with us in his Paws Patrol backpack.

  2. I just ordered 3 more water rovers for friends. I’ve had mine for years. It is the best water supply carrier I’ve found. I’ve shown it to several pet boutiques suggesting they carry the product. I love it. So does my little Papi.

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