Bigger Water Rover


26 oz bottle with 4″ bowl

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Pets need water. The Water Rover portable pet water bowl is easy to use wherever you and your pets go – including walks, hikes, outings, beach visits, road trips, vacations, and more. With its durable, lightweight water bowl and attached wide mouth bottle, the Water Rover is hands-free (clips to belt or waist band), leak-free, and easy to fill with water and ice. Best of all, with the Water Rover you can carry less water, because any water that your dog doesn’t drink tips right back into the bottle.

Now made in the USA!!! Available in pink, purple, red and blue. This 26 oz bottle with 4″ bowl is perfect for larger dogs. Don’t let your best friend go thirsty on long walks and hikes!

Additional information

Weight .6 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 6 × 4 in

Dark Blue, Red, Purple, Hot Pink


  1. Mo

    I have been using these for years on hikes and long walks. I hook it on to the carry strap of my backpack or onto the waist strap of a fannypack. Never had a dog refuse to use it. No waste and very sturdy. I always keep an extra in stock. I’ve never had one fail, but the bottle gets pretty beat up, especially when it drops on rocks, which I’ve done a number of times due to my carelessness.

  2. Leianne

    We have loved the water rover for years. Our three dogs love it and use it everywhere we go. Our puppy chewed the stopper, so we have to order a new one but I’m excited to try a size up to see if they can share a little easier. We take this thing everywhere. Hikes, the car, just out for walks. We’ve also tried other bottles and the water rover always won, even while it was broken!

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